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There’s only one way to join the Four Thousand Footer Club. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee, live in a certain place, or even apply for membership. There’s only one way to join, and that’s hauling your way to the top every one of the 48 mountains over 4000 feet i...


Middlesex Fells, just north of Boston, is a 2,200 acre reservation that includes multiple ponds, water reservoirs, trails, and dog-park areas. The trails are all primarily multi-use, which means you’ll see other hikers, people walking their dogs, mountain bikers, and m...


Blue Hills Reservation is an absolute gem for Boston-based nature lovers, sitting only about 7 miles outside the city in Milton and Canton. In winter, Blue Hills is a favorite last-minute decision ski destination for locals, but in the warmer months it offers 125 miles...


For six years, I lived in Munich, Germany, and for six years there is one thing I did every spring and summer without fail: I hiked. A lot. It was something I hadn’t had much experience with before moving there that quickly became a central part of my life. I did it be...


It’s every female hiking enthusiast’s nightmare: you’ve planned out a great weekend of exploring the outdoors and bagging peaks. You’re packed up and ready to go the next morning when all of a sudden, it hits you. You suddenly realize why you felt the need to pack five...


Hiking the 48 4,000 Footers of New Hampshire in the White Mountains is a goal for many outdoor enthusiasts. The staff at Ridj-it draws upon Ridj-it users' experiences, advice from businesses who work with our platform, and a bunch of research to come up with the be...


This is the future, and individual Ridj-it adventurers rented an autonomous vehicle for the day to travel to safely, conveniently and cost-effectively for the environment. At the end of the adventure, everyone who wants to will be able to enjoy a well-deserved beer whe...


If Max DesMarais was a White Mountain, he’d be Bond Cliff. Why? “It isn’t the most popular mountain, it isn’t the easiest to access (nine miles to the summit), but it has a lot to offer if you make the trip. It is a unique mountain that offers some of the best rewards...


Anyone considering going for a hike knows the basic obvious things one would need, like good shoes and water, but not so obvious are things like what kind of shoes and how much water. What should a prospective hiker look for in a backpack? What should absolutely be in...


I sat crouched down, alone, in the blinding lightning, crashing thunder, and torrential rain on the verge of truly shitting my pants next to a cairn .4 miles from the top of Mt. Washington. “30% chance of rain my ass,” and thoughts of my wife were looping repetitively...

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Ridj-it is an adventure carpool platform that connects people together as riders, drivers, and businesses so everyone can get outside more reliably and affordably. Join an adventure, host an adventure, and enjoy time outside the city.

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