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What to do when you are new to skateboarding?

If you are reading the post, you must be a person who wants to try this cool sport. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start and what to do. This post will give you some critical fundamental knowledge about skateboarding. Besides, if you think the following things are not enough for you, you can have a look on SkateAdvisors for more valuable knowledge.

Exercises for the newbies

Before buying a best skateboard, you should know about exercises you will take part in. First, you need to learn how to keep balance in every move. The lesson about this is considered as one the most significant things in skateboarding; therefore; you should focus on it from the beginning. Next, you need to learn to fall in the way that brings you and your body the less injuries. The exercises include braking, landing for instance.

Safety gear

Don’t forget to buy safety gear, especially if you have just played the sport. Prepare carefully for yourself with a helmet, knees and elbow pads and other pads for different parts of your body. Remember to buy these important things from reliable and well-known brands.

Appropriate types of skateboards

You might find it complicated to buy yourself a skateboard because skateboards have super different models. So the first thing to do right now is read things about boards as each board works for each purpose of skaters. You should find out what you will do with the board before selecting the boards to buy. One thing to remember, you should not need to pay lots of money for expensive boards. For the first skateboard, it is wise to buy the one with reasonable price and high stability.

If you need to know more information about types of skateboards, SkateAdvisors is a suggestion for you.

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