You are the key to adventure.

Hosting sucks.

Be an adventure spark.

Keep it simple.

Unlike traditional platforms where you’re expected to do all of the work, Ridj-it’s community of adventurers focuses on you just starting the adventure.


After years of event logistics, we’ve realized a lot of people only need a spark to join an adventure, and that’s you.


We know there’s a hike or bike ride you’ve always wanted to do, and now you don’t have to wait for it to happen – you are the adventure spark.


Pick a beautiful hike or bike trail, post how long it is and what everyone needs, choose the date you want to rock out, and that’s it!

Let the good times begin.

After you post your adventure as a rider or driver, people will begin to join you, and let the fun times begin. You’ll get a discount on your ride just for posting the adventure.


Ridj-it takes care of the transportation logistics, and you get to focus on having a great time.

Ride together.

You can start biking, hiking, camping, and other adventures without fear of doing them alone." Meet people, engage in real camaraderie, and walk away from your trip with the feeling of accomplishing your goals.


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