If you're posting an adventure...

Please have the following ready! 


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# of people

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And an awesome description!

It's true - writing an informative post will help more people to feel comfortable joining your adventure. Start with the big ideas up top and then work your way down to the details!


Here's a cool example!

Jim, an Adventure Spark, wanted to stay overnight at a hut and then hike the Great Cliffs of Mt. Horrid. He posted his adventure with details about the hut, food people would need, hiking gear required, and stats about the adventure! Everyone paid their share through Ridj-it, and with carpool tools they made their way from Boston to Vermont!

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Some things we help you with

Unlimited ticket types

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More categories!


Here's a cool example!

Polly, an Adventure Spark, rented a mountain for a ski takeover! She paid for the mountain ($7,000) and raised an additional $6,000 through Ridj-it with ticket types like lift pass, rentals, and extra donations participants could make. The best part? She paid no fee on tickets with Ridj-it, and she saved over $1,000 by doing so!

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Make Event Booking Social

(on your terms)

The adventure starts before the event!

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Chat on the trip wall

One-click email (without having to use your regular account)

Secret chat

(for registered people only)

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Here's a cool example!

The Waterville Valley Recreation Department uses Ridj-it to post their trips in New Hampshire. Using the communication tools above, they were easily able to connect with participants for questions about fitness levels, gear, and more without having to switch between one platform and another like most do on Eventbrite, Facebook, and others. 

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