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Planning on hiking with a group? Read about these lessons adventurer Laura gleaned from several trips she took on the Ridj-it platform!


Created by the New Hampshire hiking group Over the Hill Hikers as a way to showcase climbs in their home state, the 52 With a View list is an excellently curated collection of the Granite State's most spectacular summit viewpoints. Many see such a list as a challenge t...


Follow along Gillian's recommendations for the best hikes in this series on Bay Area jaunts. First, she's starting with the North Bay and several adventures of varying difficulties to enjoy!


Ridj-it Adventurer Irene C. scoured the NYC area for some of the best water spots around. Check out her selections for your next adventure on the water!


The New Jersey Pine Barrens of the Batona Trail offer an exhilarating hike within driving distance of NYC. Read about how to plan your hike to this great place with advice from Ridj-it adventurer Irene Connelly!


Ridj-it Adventurer Irene Connelly has done some digging and found doable New Jersey hikes that will taste great with a glass of local wine afterwards. Check out her findings and toast to the outdoors!


Ridj-it Adventurer Gillian King has developed a method to reach a confident state of mind when hiking solo. Read about her tips she recommends to women seeking to hike on their own.


Rolling hills, small mountains, woodsy swaths of land joined by grassy areas will meet you when going on one of these seven adventures posted by Irene C, a NY native and hiking aficionado.


Ridj-it Adventurer Gillian shares her experience of facing the greatest fear when hiking Mt. Mansfield during the winter. She recounts how addressing this fear can make adventurers better hikers throughout their lifetime. Read on about what the greatest fear might be!


Everyone who stays for the fun in the White Mountains eventually does a winter hike. There can be a lot of apprehension before this hike, or sometimes there's not enough preparation. Read about how a yellow poncho figures into this winter hiking story in the Hancoc...

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Ridj-it is an adventure carpool platform that connects people together as riders, drivers, and businesses so everyone can get outside more reliably and affordably. Join an adventure, host an adventure, and enjoy time outside the city.

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