1. How much do you charge for ticket fees?  

0%. If you post an event on RIdj-it, you will receive 100% of the money. Ridj-it also offers concierge services with businesses, colleges, and specific individuals and organizations that entail assistance beyond ticket purchasing, and in this case Ridj-it may charge a fee.

2. Can I bring my dog with me?

If you are driving and the Adventure Spark lists the trip as dog-friendly, then yes.

3. What if I just want a one-way ride to an event? 

No. For the time being, we are only allowing round trip rides when using the carpool tool.

4. Are you guys like Uber or Lyft?

No. Drivers are actually just like you; they're going on an adventure and they want to hang out.  We also don’t do different charges based on weather or other supply-demand algorithmic  figures. However, drivers do get paid for gas plus travel, and all payment and matching goes through Ridj-it.

5. Can I just pay my driver cash?

Payment is done electronically and securely through the Ridj-it platform via Paypal. No cash, please. 

6. Do I have to tip my driver?

No. Drivers are not employees or working. They’re driving because they want to rock out with you. Buy them a coffee if you want. Flowers might be too much.

7. How much do drivers get paid?

Reimbursements are based on distance from the pickup spot at the T to the destination plus the number of passengers, along with a couple of other minor factors. Yes, Ridj-it absolutely takes a percent, otherwise there’s no point in giving up our time as professional medieval chamber performers.

8. Do you do background checks?

We do short, informal background checks in addition to making sure profile photos are clear, government IDs not expired, birthdates legit, and emails/phone numbers work. Adventurers also have to use PayPal which requires identification.

9. What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policies may vary based on the adventure, but each event will clearly indicate the rules which can be viewed at checkout when selecting "Click to see cancellation policy." The one exception to this is when using the carpool tool where Ridj-it will offer you a credit equal to the carpool costs paid if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before an adventure starts. For example, if you pay $30 for carpool, we will send you a promo code worth that same amount. If an adventure is canceled by an event host or a driver doesn't show up (and if we can't get you to rent a car) we will refund you 100%. You can check out our Terms & Conditions here for more information. 

9. How do I cancel?

Log into your Ridj-it account, select "My trips", and click the X button next to the event you wish to cancel. Your confirmation email will also have a link to initiate cancellation. 

10. Can I pass my credit to a friend?

Heck yeah, the only exclusion is the "Ride-it" pass.

11. Who sparks adventures?

You do, or maybe your neighbor, and perhaps your co-worker. Really, normal people are hosting these adventures. Non-profits, small businesses, and other groups also post events.

12. What if a passenger or driver shows up unprepared for a trip?

An example would be someone showing up without the proper winter clothing for a mountain hike in the Whites during January. You are absolutely within your right as a group to collectively deny this person from joining, as their safety is also yours. If the gear can be bought on the way to the mountain, then make a quick stop to do so. This unprepared person will not be offered any refund.

13. Can I bring a firearm in carpool?


14. What's the policy on responsibly drinking and then driving within the law?

Drivers for carpool are not taxi drivers and are not providing a professional service for riders, but knowing your limits and following local and federal law is absolutely necessary. Open communication between riders and drivers is paramount.

15. Does Ridj-it provide drivers with special carpool insurance?

Drivers are expected to have full coverage, and unlike Uber or Lyft, Ridj-it is real carpool with people who have a shared activity together. Therefore, drivers are not classified as livery workers. 


16. Can I bring a friend on an event?

Ridj-it is committed to transparency, and every event that's posted will have an opportunity to register via a Ridj-it account or a guest checkout option. This is entirely up to Adventure Sparks whether a friends can come or not without registering. However, if you are driving for carpool and bringing a guest, this person must register for an account but does not have to pay for carpool. If you are riding and a friend will be joining you, this person must also register and reserve a spot. 


17. What happens if I bring my friend without telling you?

We'll find out and deactivate your account.


18. Can I come on an adventure without using carpool?

Ridj-it’s goal is to reduce barriers to events beyond public transport, so if you do sign up as a non-carpooler and reside in a carpool area, you may be asked to help out if the need arises. 


19. Do I have to have a car to post an adventure?

Nope! In fact, we encourage you to post an event in or outside of city limits. We will work to find other people with cars who want to share the adventure with you. 


20. What if my driver doesn't show up?

First, call them. Then after 15 minutes or so, call Ridj-it customer service at 617-849-8458.


21. Why do drivers have to pay a deposit?

People are flaky, and we're implementing everything we can to help riders and drivers hold to their digital word! Having a deposit disincentives people from bailing because they lose that deposit if they do cancel within 24 hours of a trip. Drivers get the deposit back after completing the trip.


22. What if a driver or rider is making me feel uncomfortable?

Firstly, we try to have more than two people in a car so that any instances are reduced. Secondly, you should be markedly clear with the person, stating that whatever he/she is doing is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. If there is an immediate danger, call 911. Please report this incident to us as well, and we will perform our own investigation and disable this person's account with Ridj-it during that time. Things happen, but we want you to know that your voice is being heard.


23. Why don’t you guys list all of the destination details sometimes, like address, etc?

Similar to other platforms that help gather people together, Ridj-it is committed to safety, and revealing info only to those who have gone through our verification process ensures a higher quality experience.


24. Can I bring my own equipment (skis, kayaks, bikes, etc)?

This depends on the trip. For example, a guided kayak tour of seals will probably entail you renting a kayak since this is how the business makes its money. If you’re going biking, then you can definitely bring your own bike if you’re a driver, and unless stated otherwise with available racks, your ridership might entail renting a bike. Same goes with skis, snowboards, etc. Not sure? Please email us at advocate@ridj-it.com and we’ll be ready to help you out.


25. Do you guys donate any of your money?

Yep! The National Forest Foundation is one, plus we’ve donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation, refugee charities, and others. We love helping, and if you’re an organization seeking some assistance via logistics, please reach out to us so we can help.


26. Can my driver drop me off somewhere else other than the T station we met up at?

Your driver is under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to drop you off at a different location. However, if you guys work it out together, that’s cool.   


27. Can the driver drop a passenger off at a location different from the original meeting spot at the T?

Every time you register you sign a document which says you’ll pick up/drop off passengers in a timely fashion according to the defined pickup/drop off area. If the driver and passengers work something out in an agreeable fashion, then yes, the drop off area can be different from the original meeting point. If not, the driver must drop off passengers at the original meeting point. Failure to do so will result in retaining the driver deposit.

28. Can I partake in a part of the trip, or deviate from the event as laid out on the website?

No. You are expected to take part in the trip and carpool as laid out on the site. Deviating from this is akin to you opting out of the trip, and may jeopardize carpool logistics.

29. Is Ridj-it a guide service?

Absolutely not. We may connect you to paid guides or non-paid adventurers who are acting completely independent of us in terms of their desire to host an event. Ridj-it is a platform where people can band together to have great adventures. We guide you nowhere other than to each other.


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