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Wait, who are you guys?

Ridj-it is an adventure platform. We help individuals, clubs, and other organizations create awesome outdoor events from skiing to hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more. We're based in Boston, and we use carpool plus other tools to help people get to cool places and meet fellow enthusiasts. The founders work in education and public health, so we've managed to connect our personal and professional passions together in an effort to create equal access to the outdoors. 

How did you get discounts?

The New England ski mountains above realize a lot of people are being left out of winter-time activities, partially because they’re expensive, and also because nobody is empowering newcomers to these sports like Ridj-it. We're committed to helping everyone get outside. 

Are you guys like ski buses?

Ridj-it is cheaper than Boston ski buses. How? No membership fees, no professional drivers, and no big corporate structure are a few reasons we can keep prices low. Our average ride price is $30 for a five-hour round trip, and drivers take a large portion of that money. Unlike those big ski mountain buses, we only need a few people to start a trip, so you’re less likely to have your trip canceled. We all win when we work together.