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The Ride-it Pass (6 rides)
The details – Please Read


1. Not transferable to others

Tickets can only be used by one individual and are not transferable.


2. 6 rides within six consecutive months

You are limited to the package’s specific number of trips within six months starting on the day of your purchase.


3. Applies to rides only

This package only includes carpool rides and no other purchased items.


4. You’re responsible to book in a timely manner

Please provide ample notice to our team and avoid last second carpool bookings.


5. Use it or lose it

If you are unable to attend an event as a rider due to space restrictions, your lift credit will be reinstated. However, you are still responsible for using this credit by the end of your package time each month. Booking early gives you a higher chance of reserving your spot.


6. Cancellation policy

For the subscription service itself, we do not offer refunds or credits. For individual events that you book using the subscription service, the cancellation policy under the Terms and Conditions (link) applies. For example, if you cancel an event less than 24 hours prior to event time, you’ll not be credited for another event that month.


7. Pass delivery

Our staff will contact you via email shortly after you buy the pass. We will provide you with an individualized code you will be able to use. Thanks for your patience. 

The Ride-it Pass (6 rides)

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