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A Sunday Ride

What’s better than a relaxing walk in the woods on a crisp, fall morning? Answer: a gentle horseback ride in the woods on a crisp fall morning. Following this logic, two groups of Ridj-iteers set out to Lucky 7 Stables in Londonderry, NH to do just that on November 5th. We’re following the group that decided to sleep in a little longer.

The morning started at Alewife Station. Some people experienced delays getting there, but before long both cars were loaded and headed north. This group included two pairs of friends who already knew each other! #bringafriendday Kano and Misato from Japan are doing their semester abroad in Boston, and wanted to do something outside the city for the weekend! Exactly what Ridj-it is all about.

Lucky 7 Red Barn

After about an hour’s drive, both cars arrived at Lucky 7 Stables. The group got there a bit early, which was totally fine, as there were plenty of furry friends to meet and greet. There were several cats wandering about, and some were certainly more outgoing than others. #imlookingatyoufurby Niko the horse also loved the attention he was getting from everyone (it was definitely helping him cope with not being able to ride because of a broken hoof), but he was clearly disappointed at the lack of treats. Note to future visitors: keep your phones away from Niko - he thinks they’re snacks.

Cat in a truck

person petting a horse

Before long, the other Ridj-it group that had ridden the earlier slot arrived back at the stable, all looking very happy. They dismounted, took a few last photos with their horses, and were on their way.

The coordinators at Lucky 7 are very organized and highly knowledgeable: everyone in the group was matched with a horse based on size, experience, and which horses needed a break. Once everyone had met his or her horse and mounted, the coordinators then precisely determined the order the horses would ride in: they knew which horses got along and which didn’t. It’s amazing how much personality these creatures have.

smiling woman riding a horse

Still, even with the lineup expertly calculated, there were still a few shouts of “BEAR! DON’T BITE SONNY’S BUTT!” #guesswhowasridingbear

Lucky 7 Stables provides guest riders with Western saddles, which are very easy to ride in for beginners. The group leaders were very knowledgeable in teaching everyone how to handle their horses: how to turn them, stop them, how to ride up or downhill. Even those in the group who had never been on a horse before were completely at ease because of the Lucky 7 crew’s competence.

people riding horses in the woods

The ride lasted about an hour, and was for the most part was simply relaxing. Occasionally, one of the horses would stop because he found a stick he wanted to eat, or a leaf, or whatever. One horse, however, got the bright idea of trying to go off on his own towards the end of the ride. Moose didn’t make it very far, thankfully, and his rider remained calm and got him back in line, but it definitely added a bit of excitement to the morning. #badmoose

plates of Mexican food

By the time the horses were back at their posts and bid farewell by everyone, the group of riders had worked up a healthy appetite. They decided to stop by as a group at Casa Mezcal Mexican Grill in Nashua, NH. Now, there’s good Mexican food, and then there is good Mexican food. This was absolutely the latter. Great quality, huge portion sizes and really fair prices, plus a truly authentic atmosphere. A few of those in the group who weren’t driving even tried the margaritas, which everyone agreed were phenomenal. 11/10 would go again.

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