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Wild Winter Weekends

What better way is there to spend a frigid winter weekend than out on the slopes, doing whatever winter sport suits your fancy? None, as far as anyone at Ridj-it is concerned. When it comes to winter sports, one day out in the powder often just doesn’t feel like enough, which is why we’ve teamed up with Social Boston Sports to offer a series of fantastic skiing (and snowboarding, XC skiing, etc…) weekends at some of the best ski resorts around New England!

How does it work? All you have to do is pick an adventure, be it Jay Peak January 5th-7th, or Sunday River February 23rd-25th (there are more dates in between and after). Then you register for the trip with Social Boston Sports, and register for your ride there with Ridj-it. It’s that easy! All of the events include 3-day lift tickets, 2 nights’ lodging and entrance to two nights’ of absolutely lit aprés ski parties, with the different weekends ranging from $275 to $361 in prices.

When you’ve got your weekend booked, time to think about how to get there. Why contribute to global warming (end the end of great weekends like these) by having everyone drive up in their own cars? Carpooling is much better for the landscapes you love, and it helps open up trips like these to people who don’t have their own cars. All of the ski weekend trips are just $35 round-trip for riders - compare that to non-existent public transportation or a three-figure Uber ride. Drivers actually get paid for every seat they fill in their cars (yes, it is enough to cover gas and then some)! Even if the seats don’t get filled, the drivers get compensation just for offering them up.

For those of you new to the area who want to join, but maybe don’t have anyone to bring with you, don’t worry! This event is open to anyone who wants to join, and we’ll make sure everyone is matched with a room: this event is perfect for anyone looking to make new friends.

Interested? Here are the trips coming up this winter! Click on the dates to get more info!

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