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Why Is It Still Winter?


Some of you may have noticed that Tuesday was officially the first day of spring. Most of us didn’t, however, due to the snowstorm that hit on Thursday. Or at least, the “Nor’easter” that everyone was all riled up about that only turned out to be a light, slushy dusting (well, that’s what it was here in Boston… sorry New Yorkers…). Maybe spring is just feeling a little shy this year, or it could be that winter is just a big, giant bully who’s pushing all the other seasons around. He’s punishing us for ruining the atmosphere and we are not here for it.

Just kidding, we actually love winter here at Ridj-it. Winter gets such a bad rap and that’s totally lame. Global climate change is still real though -- stay woke people.

Winter is a fantastic season for anyone who likes being outdoors. Why? Because there is nothing more fun than hurling yourself down a snowy mountain on pieces of immaculately polished wood, that’s why. Personally I’m a skier, but some people say snowboarding is fun too once you either get the hang of it or just lose all sensation in your wrists and buttocks -- whichever comes first. But anyone who has ever learned to love either sport will tell you that the feeling of hitting fresh powder first thing in the morning is what makes life worth living. The best days are those spent shredding, and then soothing your sore legs with a hot meal and drinks with a group of equally exhausted, endorphins-fueled friends. You sleep like a log after a day like that.

Not an adrenaline junkie? Still not an excuse to hate on winter. Connecting with nature while conquering the next summit on your list is not just a summer activity. Hiking is actually better in winter if you have the right equipment and know what you’re doing. It’s quieter out there, less traffic, so the only people you see are the people you came with -- the people with whom you meant to share the adventure. You can actually hear the wildlife and nature around you. Plus, the view from the top is just so much prettier when the trees and peaks all sparkling like crystals in the winter sun. And you feel like you really earned it when you get there, because let’s face it: climbing a mountain in the snow is significantly harder than climbing it dry, but that just makes it so much more rewarding. Remember: summer bodies are made in winter.


Climbing a mountain against knee-deep snow still not your thing? Okay, then let’s just forget about the mountains entirely -- you don’t even need them to love winter. Ever tried cross-country skiing? Well it’s the workout of your life, surprisingly easy to learn, and so much fun. Sail leisurely along wooded trails, stop to observe the beautiful wildlife, and just carry on gliding through the snow with the crisp, fresh air filling your lungs. You won’t even feel cold because you’ll be sweating. And hey, if you want to take things at a slower pace and not have to push through the snow, you can also try snowshoeing. You literally walk on top of the snow, and it kind of feels like walking on a cloud. It’s really cool, and not quite as physically strenuous as cross country skiing (unless you’re climbing up a mountain).

There’s no need to hate winter, and certainly no reason to rush it out the door. There are so many fun things to do in winter, and so many different ways to get outdoors. Forget about being cooped up at home, getting fat on cocoa, and losing your mind after your billionth game of Scrabble -- bundle up, get out, and have some fun. Seize the day, because winter won’t be around forever.

Really, in fifty years there might not be snow at all.

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