Planning on hiking with a group? Read about these lessons adventurer Laura gleaned from several trips she took on the Ridj-it platform!


Ridj-it Adventurer Gillian shares her experience of facing the greatest fear when hiking Mt. Mansfield during the winter. She recounts how addressing this fear can make adventurers better hikers throughout their lifetime. Read on about what the greatest fear might be!


Everyone who stays for the fun in the White Mountains eventually does a winter hike. There can be a lot of apprehension before this hike, or sometimes there's not enough preparation. Read about how a yellow poncho figures into this winter hiking story in the Hancocks of the White Mountains.

A native of the Boston area and an avid outdoorsman, being outside has been important to Liam Michel ever since he was a kid. He fondly remembers childhood trips to the White Mountains, and says his passion has only grown with age. Liam is currently an active member of the Allegheny College Outing Club, engaging in frequent outdoor adventures around the school located only one and a half hours from the magnificent Allegheny Na...

There’s only one way to join the Four Thousand Footer Club. You don’t have to pay an entrance fee, live in a certain place, or even apply for membership. There’s only one way to join, and that’s hauling your way to the top every one of the 48 mountains over 4000 feet in the White Mountains of the state of New Hampshire. For some, the task takes years, with rough and sometimes dangerous hikes on exposed mountain tops that total...


Blue Hills Reservation is an absolute gem for Boston-based nature lovers, sitting only about 7 miles outside the city in Milton and Canton. In winter, Blue Hills is a favorite last-minute decision ski destination for locals, but in the warmer months it offers 125 miles of trails to explore. Abundant parking is available at the Blue Hills parking lot or the Houghton’s Pond lot, which is only 100 meters down the road. Cross the...


For six years, I lived in Munich, Germany, and for six years there is one thing I did every spring and summer without fail: I hiked. A lot. It was something I hadn’t had much experience with before moving there that quickly became a central part of my life. I did it because everyone did it, but more than that, I did it because I had such easy access to it.


If Max DesMarais was a White Mountain, he’d be Bond Cliff. Why? “It isn’t the most popular mountain, it isn’t the easiest to access (nine miles to the summit), but it has a lot to offer if you make the trip. It is a unique mountain that offers some of the best rewards with just a little hard work,” he explained. “I would strive to be like that mountain.”


I sat crouched down, alone, in the blinding lightning, crashing thunder, and torrential rain on the verge of truly shitting my pants next to a cairn .4 miles from the top of Mt. Washington. “30% chance of rain my ass,” and thoughts of my wife were looping repetitively in my mind. I did the equivalent of talking to God, knowing full well there would be no follow-up conversation outside of similarly frightening situations, sayin...


Hiking one of Boston’s closest mountains provides a short day trip at only one hour and a half away. There are multiple trails at Mount Monadnock, but the most frequented is the White Dot - White X loop. The mountain is 3,165 feet (965 m) tall, and it is one of the busiest during the warmer months. A great way to avoid the crowd is by traversing Mount Monadnock during early Spring, late Fall, Winter, or our personal favorite:...

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