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Ridj-it & Tour de Cure 

 Biking for the

American Diabetes Association

Riding for a cure 

 All Over New England

Many large-scale events are going digital to help fundraise, and Ridj-it is helping to continue the work of the American Diabtes Association through small in-person rides. All money raised will go towards the Tour de Cure. 

The list of our adventures

 Trips Updated as Posted!

- Carpool   - Bike rentals   - Company

Every trip you see here allows you to sign up for an adventure as a rider, driver, or non-carpooler. In a similar mission to Tour de Cure, Ridj-it advocates for outdoor accessibility and has created tools to help. 

Want to post your own trip?

 Help Us Make a Larger Impact!

There are several ways you can post a Tour de Cure event!

1) Email if you want route ideas - we keep a very large library of potential adventures.

2) Post your adventure on Ridj-it after signing up with an account! We'll then help you add in the fundraising ticketing (or if you're feeling saucy, you can do it yourself!).

We're here to help you bike for a cure, so please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, hopes, fears, and dreams!


can't make it?

 Join us digitally!

tour de cure.jpg

What about COVID?

 Great question!

In early June Ridj-it created a COVID monitoring system for all events hosted on the platform. In addition to the post-event follow ups we've implemented, we also require participants to abide by local and state standards regarding social distancing, wearing masks when this is not possible, and other measures to adventure responsibly.

Check out our COVID procedures and protocols here.


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