Ridj-it Adventurer Gillian King has developed a method to reach a confident state of mind when hiking solo. Read about her tips she recommends to women seeking to hike on their own.


Rolling hills, small mountains, woodsy swaths of land joined by grassy areas will meet you when going on one of these seven adventures posted by Irene C, a NY native and hiking aficionado.


Our team explains the steps you can take to help prevent unprepared hikers from joining your adventure long before the day of the trip.

A native of the Boston area and an avid outdoorsman, being outside has been important to Liam Michel ever since he was a kid. He fondly remembers childhood trips to the White Mountains, and says his passion has only grown with age. Liam is currently an active member of the Allegheny College Outing Club, engaging in frequent outdoor adventures around the school located only one and a half hours from the magnificent Allegheny Na...

Have you ever ridden a bike in the road? If your answer is no, chances are you’re a little bit scared of it. If your answer is yes, chances are you’re a little bit scared of it as well! Who could blame someone for being scared of road cycling? Cars are big and dangerous, and the chance of running into a dangerous driver is constantly on any cyclist’s mind. That said, roads open up a plethora of new opportunities for riding. If...

Where are you going next? How are you getting there? With two wheels at your disposal, the answer to the second question can be just as varied as the first. Between bike paths, trails, bike lanes, and autoroads, the options for travelling from Point A to Point B on a bicycle are nearly endless. The choices you make, however, can have a big impact on the quality of your ride, so picking the right route is absolutely essential t...

Ahh, the cyclist’s oldest enemy. Not cars, rain, or roads with tiny shoulders, but flat bike tires. While the single flat tire can be enough to ruin a ride for those unskilled in repairs, there’s no reason for such a common and mundane problem to put a stop to your adventuring. Flat bike tire fixes are quite simple and require very few tools, allowing you to get back to shredding some road!

What you’ll need:

  • A replacement bi...


It’s every female hiking enthusiast’s nightmare: you’ve planned out a great weekend of exploring the outdoors and bagging peaks. You’re packed up and ready to go the next morning when all of a sudden, it hits you. You suddenly realize why you felt the need to pack five chocolate bars and cried when you finally found your favorite pair of socks at the back of the drawer. Mother Nature has come a’callin’, and she was not the “na...


Hiking the 48 4,000 Footers of New Hampshire in the White Mountains is a goal for many outdoor enthusiasts. The staff at Ridj-it draws upon Ridj-it users' experiences, advice from businesses who work with our platform, and a bunch of research to come up with the best day trip plan to hike these beautiful mountains in order.


Skier’s Thumb (also known as “Gamekeeper’s Thumb”) is a very common and highly annoying sports injury. It happens with the metacarpophalangeal joint (MCP joint) is pushed too far backwards, causing the fluid capsule surrounding the ligaments inside the joint - and sometimes the ligaments themselves - to rupture. It’s called Skier’s Thumb because it happens frequently when skiers try to break a fall with their hands while holdi...

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