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Tools for more community

Need carpool? Want to collect emails and phone numbers securely? Have to collect money? Don't want to pay for a Zoom account? Ridj-it has all of the tools to make sure attending and creating adventures are affordable.

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More than event booking

Life's an adventure, and that means being together. Event creators can now talk with their customers without having to be reliant on email or Facebook.

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Amazing ticketing options

Required item? Optional? Donation? Rental? Refundable? Creditable?  You name it, and Ridj-it brings you advanced ticketing in the simplest manner for everyone (no subscription required).

What does an adventure look like?


Well, that depends on you! Ridj-it started as a carpool program to the outdoor events, but after 7,000 rides and 1,000+ events, we found that we built a platform that anyone can use on or off the mountains to create better communities and more meaningful experiences.


Rent a ski mountain and raise Thousands for charity


Have more reliable participants on your hikes


Resurrect a bike trip and get connected to rentals


Host a food tour, festival, or tasting


Put on an indoor or digital event


Post a photography class


Improve your group's or organization's registration for free

Who uses Ridj-it?


Because life is an adventure

And event creators should spend more time on creating meaningful and important experiences rather than navigating expensive and limited platforms. 
How do we know? After sharing in the events of hundreds of individuals and entities, we've seen what prevents them from shining brighter and being the stars everyone needs to guide their way to adventure.

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Adventure Sparks

Sounds cooler than 'host', right? Adventure Sparks are heroes, and those who've used Ridj-it include municipalities, Meetup & Facebook groups, colleges, non-profits, small businesses, clubs, companies and individuals. Why? 


Time is money, and money is… money!

We've spent five years developing event management tools to make sure you succeed whether those ambitions range from a great day outside to a wildly popular food festival. 
​No weird installations, no permissions given to update your site, and no subscription fees. Just create your event on Ridj-it, copy the link to your website or Facebook/Meetup posting, and that's it! You keep your space as you want with the power of professional event management tools!

In the News
(or proof we're not weirdos)

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How the carpool tool works

Ridj-it began as a carpool program to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We've since expanded technologically and otherwise, but we still continue to use our famous carpooling tool to assist thousands of people helping each other to expand accessibility to the outdoors and other places that are too far for a taxi ride and too complex for regular public transit. 



with your travel buddies



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or join an event as a rider or driver

We even have carpool passes!


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Some cool places to spark adventure

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New England's
TOP 10 waterfalls


TOP 11 
Massachusetts biking destinations

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4,000 footers


with a view

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