Created by the New Hampshire hiking group Over the Hill Hikers as a way to showcase climbs in their home state, the 52 With a View list is an excellently curated collection of the Granite State's most spectacular summit viewpoints. Many see such a list as a challenge to complete every single hike, an effort that takes most hikers years to complete. Mastering the 52 is a completely achievable task, however, and when properly ap...


Follow along Gillian's recommendations for the best hikes in this series on Bay Area jaunts. First, she's starting with the North Bay and several adventures of varying difficulties to enjoy!


Ridj-it Adventurer Irene C. scoured the NYC area for some of the best water spots around. Check out her selections for your next adventure on the water!


The New Jersey Pine Barrens of the Batona Trail offer an exhilarating hike within driving distance of NYC. Read about how to plan your hike to this great place with advice from Ridj-it adventurer Irene Connelly!


Ridj-it Adventurer Irene Connelly has done some digging and found doable New Jersey hikes that will taste great with a glass of local wine afterwards. Check out her findings and toast to the outdoors!


For six years, I lived in Munich, Germany, and for six years there is one thing I did every spring and summer without fail: I hiked. A lot. It was something I hadn’t had much experience with before moving there that quickly became a central part of my life. I did it because everyone did it, but more than that, I did it because I had such easy access to it.


Some of you may have noticed that Tuesday was officially the first day of spring. Most of us didn’t, however, due to the snowstorm that hit on Thursday. Or at least, the “Nor’easter” that everyone was all riled up about that only turned out to be a light, slushy dusting (well, that’s what it was here in Boston… sorry New Yorkers…). Maybe spring is just feeling a little shy this year, or it could be that winter is just a big, g...


This is the future, and individual Ridj-it adventurers rented an autonomous vehicle for the day to travel to safely, conveniently and cost-effectively for the environment. At the end of the adventure, everyone who wants to will be able to enjoy a well-deserved beer wherever thirst and hunger leads people for dinner. Hell, with self-driving cars, maybe there are no open container laws - get a case and have a party if the mood s...


Anyone considering going for a hike knows the basic obvious things one would need, like good shoes and water, but not so obvious are things like what kind of shoes and how much water. What should a prospective hiker look for in a backpack? What should absolutely be in said backpack, and what’s just nice to have? Well, if you’re someone who has recently found themselves asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place.


Unlike most startups, we at Ridj-it often find ourselves presented with what we feel is a rather odd question: why do we do what we do? Well, aside from the obvious “we are human and need to eat occasionally,” the answer to that question actually can be boiled down to another question: why carpool? So, in an effort to better connect with our users, and for the sake of transparency, we’ve decided to lay it all out for you right...

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