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Ridj-it is an adventure carpool platform that connects people together as riders, drivers, and businesses so everyone can get outside more reliably and affordably. Join an adventure, host an adventure, and enjoy time outside the city.


5 Tips for Planning a Bike Route

Where are you going next? How are you getting there? With two wheels at your disposal, the answer to the second question can be just as varied as the first. Between bike paths, trails, bike lanes, and autoroads, the options for travelling from Point A to Point B on a bicycle are nearly endless. The choices you make, however, can have a big impact on the quality of your ride, so picking the right route is absolutely essential to a great time! Here are our best tips for planning your own bike routes: 1. Know your speed What kind of ride are you going on? Is it slow or fast? Casual or athletic? The speed and intensity of your ride should play heavily into the selection of your route. If you’re

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

Ahh, the cyclist’s oldest enemy. Not cars, rain, or roads with tiny shoulders, but flat bike tires. While the single flat tire can be enough to ruin a ride for those unskilled in repairs, there’s no reason for such a common and mundane problem to put a stop to your adventuring. Flat bike tire fixes are quite simple and require very few tools, allowing you to get back to shredding some road! What you’ll need: A replacement bike tube or tube patch kit A bike pump Tire levers (A nice thick plastic set are probably under $10 at your local bike shop). Possibly (though usually not) a replacement tire Step zero: Understanding how bicycle tires work Bicycle tires come in three main types: tubular, t


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