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Ridj-it is an adventure carpool platform that connects people together as riders, drivers, and businesses so everyone can get outside more reliably and affordably. Join an adventure, host an adventure, and enjoy time outside the city.


The Newfound Winter Sport

Shredding mountains sounds like an adrenaline-pumping sport; what if the adventure was phrased as, “Full-body workout skiing up and down hil

How to Not Ski Like an Asshole

In German they say “Schweine auf die Piste,” which literally means “pigs on the slopes.” In American, they’re probably just flipping the bir

Best Places to Ski Near Boston

Ah, New England. While it’s not the Swiss Alps, New England offers a wide range of quality winter sports options near Boston. While it’s onl

Wild Winter Weekends

What better way is there to spend a frigid winter weekend than out on the slopes, doing whatever winter sport suits your fancy? None, as far as anyone at Ridj-it is concerned. When it comes to winter sports, one day out in the powder often just doesn’t feel like enough, which is why we’ve teamed up with Social Boston Sports to offer a series of fantastic skiing (and snowboarding, XC skiing, etc…) weekends at some of the best ski resorts around New England! How does it work? All you have to do is pick an adventure, be it Jay Peak January 5th-7th, or Sunday River February 23rd-25th (there are more dates in between and after). Then you register for the trip with Social Boston Sports, and regist


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