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As anyone who has ever hiked before knows, climbing mountains and walking long, sometimes slippery distances can be a strenuous endeavor and is generally harder than you think before you set out. If you’re preparing to do something like hiking the 48 4,000 footers of N...


Climbing the 48 4,000 footers of the White Mountains in New Hampshire is an incredible achievement and worthy challenge. Some people bang them out in one summer, whereas others take years to complete them. Whether you are seeking to finish the 4,000 footers in one seas...


As you’ve probably heard, our President Donald Trump, under the advisement of Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, recently made the executive decision and order to significantly reduce the size of the federally protected Bear’s Ears and Grand Escalante National Monum...


Shredding mountains sounds like an adrenaline-pumping sport; what if the adventure was phrased as, “Full-body workout skiing up and down hills”? Yeah, the pizazz just isn’t there, but many Americans’ lack of knowledge concerning XC skiing (that’s ‘cross-country skiing’...


In German they say “Schweine auf die Piste,” which literally means “pigs on the slopes.” In American, they’re probably just flipping the bird through puffy ski gloves. But, it’s just about universal that nobody anywhere likes people who ski like assholes (or snowboard...


Ah, New England. While it’s not the Swiss Alps, New England offers a wide range of quality winter sports options near Boston. While it’s only a 30 minute drive from the city to Blue Hills in Canton, slightly longer drives can bring you to larger, colder and snowier mou...


What better way is there to spend a frigid winter weekend than out on the slopes, doing whatever winter sport suits your fancy? None, as far as anyone at Ridj-it is concerned. When it comes to winter sports, one day out in the powder often just doesn’t feel like enough...


Hiking all year is a great way not to feel like garbage, but many potential adventurers fear ice, snow, and impending doom during New England's winter months. New Hampshire's 48 4,000 footers are targets for those with goal fetishes or strong desires to take ep...


Mount Wachusett provides one of the best hiking loops close to Boston for its diversity in exercise and the beautiful scenery. Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter are all great hiking seasons for Mt. Wachusett, and every time of the year has something different to offer...


Outdoor gear provider Recreational Equipment, INC (REI) held its second #optoutside campaign this year where all of its stores close on Black Friday. Employees are given a paid day off, and the marketing message encourages everyone to  spend that day outside rather tha...

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Ridj-it is an adventure carpool platform that connects people together as riders, drivers, and businesses so everyone can get outside more reliably and affordably. Join an adventure, host an adventure, and enjoy time outside the city.

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